15 - 17 May 2020
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LCW Kinder

Also for children from 6 years of age it is possible to participate in Long Course Weekend Holland – Beesel! Like the adults they can choose between the different disciplines or they can participate in all 3 disciplines and do a Full Long Course Weekend Kinder!

Concept courses will be available soon.

Agegroups and distances 

Agegroup 1 – 6 / 7 years as of 15-05-2020

Agegroup 2 – 8 / 9 years as of 15-05-2020

Agegroup 3 – 10 / 11 years as of 15-05-2020


Agegroup 4 – 12 / 13 years as of 15-05-2020

* See “Long Course Weekend Kinder Swim” for more information about the kinder Swim.


The starting time of each discipline is included in the itinerary. The expected starting times and finish times are given per discipline on this page.  

For all disciplines and agegroups goes that, for security reasons, the parents are not allowed to run along with the children on the course 


Long Course Weekend Kinder Swim

Times can slightly change. 

First of all the Long Course Weekend Kinder Swim will take place On Friday. All agegroups gather in the start area for a short warming up. Then the kids are taken to the starting point per agegroup and run in the water along the shore. Please be aware of the fact that the first three agegroups do NOT actually Swim, but have a fun run in the water.  


Long Course Weekend Kinder Bike 

On Saturday the Long Course Weekend Kinder Bike takes place at the heart of Reuver. At the “Raadhuisplein”, all the agegroups will gather in the starting area again, right after the start of the 90K and 180K.

During the Bike it is obligated for all agegroups to wear a helmet. The start-Finish arch is in the middle of the Raadhuisplein".


Long Course Kinder Run

Last but not least: the Run on Sunday. On the Raadhuisplein in Reuver the kids run a short lap, depending on the distance, several times. The kids remain visible at all times on the event area and can be encouraged from all sides. The start-Finish arch is located in the middle of the Raadhuisplein 


Full Long Course Weekend Kinder

When all three disciplines in one age group are completed, the children will receive an extra reward at the Kinder award ceremony for Full Long Course Weekend Kids & Juniors. 


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